Comparatif et superlatif

Mettez les adjectifs entre parenthèses au comparatif de supériorité.
Écrivez les réponses dans les zones colorées.
1. Is the actress Jane Fonda (famous) her father?
2. Bob has put on weight, hasn't he? He looks (fat) last time I saw him.
3. Sally is our best friend. She's (sincere) any other one.
4. I think driving on the motorway is (dangerous) driving on a road because people drive (fast) .
5. The flat we used to live in was (noisy) this one.
6. Do you think the weather is (bad) in Scotland than in Ireland?
7. Let's go this way: it is (short) .
8. In Australia, July is (cold) December.
9. Was the last Harry Potter book (good) the previous one?
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