Comparatif et superlatif

Complétez le texte en mettant les adjectifs entre parenthèses au comparatif ou au superlatif.
Écrivez les réponses dans les zones colorées.
We have three grand-children. (old) is a boy called Adrian. He's 14. He's very good at school. He gets (good) marks his brother, Tim (12). But Tim is (hard-working) and I think he'll end up by being (good) as Adrian, and maybe (good) , who knows?!
(young) is a girl: Paula. She's only 7 but she's (talkative) her two brothers! In fact, she's (talkative) in the family! She'll probably be a lawyer later!
Anyway, we love all three of them. They are (nice) , (affectionate) and (well-behaved) in the world! But, of course, we're not (good) judges, are we?
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