Comparatif et superlatif

Complétez chaque phrase à l'aide de l'adjectif qui convient : mettez-le au comparatif de supériorité, d'égalité ou d'infériorité.
patientold – – highquietlongtallnice – expensive – thrilling.
Écrivez les réponses dans les zones colorées.
1. It is to travel by train than by plane.
2. Andy is a little his brother, yet he is him.
3. The statue of Liberty in Paris is the one in New York.
4. I really didn't like "Flyingman II"! It was the first episode.
5. Queen Victoria's reign (1837-1901) was her son's, Edward VII (1901-1910).
6. Your sister is a mouse! Is she always so shy?
7. When I'm in trouble, I prefer talking to my grand-mother: she's my mum.
8. I don't know which sweater I prefer: the blue one is the green one.
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