Comparatif et superlatif

Complétez chaque phrase à l'aide du double comparatif (idée de progression).
Exemple : Winter is coming. It is getting (cold) … → It is getting colder and colder.
Écrivez les réponses dans les zones colorées.
1. Athletes are really making progress: they can run (fast) and jump (high) .
2. Ecologists are pessimistic: the planet is getting (warm) and the air (polluted) .
3. We have (money) ! If I don't find a job soon, it's going to be very difficult to cope with this situation.
4. Petrol is (expensive) because of the oil crisis.
5. Young adults are (interested) in politics. Isn't it a shame?
6. I'm proud of you! Your results are getting (good) .
7. As time goes by, I find it (difficult) to wake up early in the morning!
8. Being a teacher today requires (energy) .
9. (pupils) chose to study German as a second language at school. It's a pity!
10. As far as AIDS is concerned, the situation is getting (bad) in Africa.
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