Le nom et son déterminant

Complétez les phrases suivantes avec le déterminant qui convient : a, an, the ou aucun déterminant.
Écrivez les réponses dans les zones colorées.
1. Eminem is singer. He sings rap. He was first white rap singer in world.
2.  cats are very curious animals! They are always looking for new things to discover. One day, my neighbour's cat came into kitchen and explored washing machine. Hopefully, I looked inside before I put clothes in it!
3. I always go out without watch and yet I'm never late. I must have clock instead of a brain!
4. We love Ireland! We know small cottage in Connemara with sheep and horses. We often go there for summer holidays.
5.  money! If you want to have money, why don't you find job?
6. Have you seen photos I took yesterday at disco? Look, here's photo of you with Jenny.
7. Prince Charles is heir to English throne.
8.  9/11 terrorist attacks in New York were frightening experience for American population. Indeed, it was first time terrorist attack caused so many victims on American territory.
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