Les prépositions

Complétez les phrases avec la préposition qui convient (choisissez-la dans la liste).
Écrivez les réponses dans les zones colorées.
1. inatonunder
Hurry up! Call the fireman! The neighbour's house is fire.
2. inonby
Do you go to work car or do you prefer going foot?
3. inonatbyinto
Lady Diana's car was driving full speed when it crashed the Pont de l'Alma.
4. next toin front ofpastalong
A lot of people drive hitch-hikers without stopping.
5. throughacrossintoup
To get to the headmaster's office you have to go those stairs.
6. ontothroughtountil
In the Catholic Church, the Pope remains at the head of the Church his death.
7. aboutonamongover
I've just read a very interesting book the Native Americans.
8. afterbesideswithnext to
Do you study other languages English and French?
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