Les pronoms

Remplacez les éléments mis en valeur par le pronom possessif qui convient.
Écrivez les réponses dans les zones colorées.
1. This is not my bedroom: it's my sister's bedroom. → 
2. You know my husband but I don't know your husband. → 
3. Our children are coming to the match tonight. Are Sally and Tom's children coming too? → 
4. You always borrow my car! Why don't you take your car for a change? → 
5. It wasn't my idea, it was my father's idea. → 
6. I think we have made a mistake: I've got your book and you have my book. → 
7. Okay, you'll take your car and we'll take our car. → 
8. Here are Adrian's results, and here are Sandra's. → 
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