Les prépositions

Remettez les mots dans l'ordre pour former des phrases correctes.
Écrivez les réponses dans les zones colorées.
1. come/ for/ did/ what/ you/ ?

2. speaking/ who/ you/ were/ to/ ?

3. teacher/ is/ I/ about/ this/ the/ told/ you/ .

4. to/ music/ kind/ what/ you/ listening/ of/ do/ like/ ?

5. were/ comes/ for/ person/ you/ waiting/ here/ the/ .

6. is/ time/ leaving/ train/ at/ what/ the/ ?

7. on/ friends/ here/ going/ are/ with/ the/ we/ holiday/ are/ .

8. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire/ many/ into/ has/ languages/ been/ how/ translated/ ?

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